Greetings & Opening Lines

CMR Spring 2016“Who was to say that every human delivering an octopus wouldn’t get a little bit ecstatic?”

— “Chameleons,” Cold Mountain Review

“My mother knows her way around a ghost.”

— “Woman at the Edge of Town,” Tiny Donkey

“We took Emmaline on what promised to be a particularly stormy night. It wasn’t hard toCarve Winter 2017 Issue do, especially since all the police and alarm company people were right there in the mob with us.”

— “The Feast,” Carve Magazine


“His daughters seem generally happy. Because what do girls ever have to be unhappy about?”

— “The Devil and the Doorknob,” 7×7

“The hyena arrived with the moon.”

— “Hyena, Hyena,” Jersey Devil Press

“In Grandma’s neighborhood, there’s an old man who believes he’s a butterfly.”

— “Fried Roses for Dinner,” Apeiron Review


“There’s an animal outside my window. It’s looking at me.”

— “Pulling Out,” Split Lip Magazine

“Her sister Paula had all her life been a devotee of William Blake, and Nikki knew there was no hope of reconciling things with her because of it.”

— “A State of Dismal Woe,” Zone 3

          a clouda cloud

All feature photographs belong to K.C. Mead-Brewer*