Greetings & Opening Lines

CMR Spring 2016“Who was to say that every human delivering an octopus wouldn’t get a little bit ecstatic?”

— “Chameleons,” Cold Mountain Review

“My mother knows her way around a ghost.”

— “Woman at the Edge of Town,” Tiny Donkey

“Where Ruby’s mascara might cover up her eyelashes with something The Slidedark and sticky, my mascara kept my eyelashes from foresting around into my corneas. It kept my eyes fastened tightly into place.”

— “The Slide,” Litro Magazine

“The hyena arrived with the moon.”

— “Hyena, Hyena,” Jersey Devil Press


“In Grandma’s neighborhood, there’s an old man who believes he’s a butterfly.”

— “Fried Roses for Dinner,” Apeiron Review


“It was a dark wooden thing with gold rings smiling around each of its subsections. Aunt Theo handled it with a gentleness that was almost reverent, before tucking it beneath her arm and slipping her pants down around her knees.”

— “The Spyglass,” Cease, Cows

“Her sister Paula had all her life been a devotee of William Blake, and Nikki knew there was no hope of reconciling things with her because of it.”

— “A State of Dismal Woe,” Zone 3

          a clouda cloud

All feature photographs belong to K.C. Mead-Brewer*