“Lots of people joke about snooping through drawers and medicine cabinets when they get the chance, but then when the chance appears, smirking at them from inside the darkened room, the cracked door, they keep their hands to themselves. They act normal, like they’re being watched.”

— “Quietly Gigantic,” Strange Horizons

CMR Spring 2016

“Who was to say that every human delivering an octopus wouldn’t get a little bit ecstatic?”

— “Chameleons,” Cold Mountain Review

“My mother knows her way around a ghost.”

— “Woman at the Edge of Town,” Tiny Donkey

Carve Winter 2017 Issue

“We took Emmaline on what promised to be a particularly stormy night. It wasn’t hard to do, especially since all the police and alarm company people were right there in the mob with us.”

— “The Feast,” Carve Magazine

“His daughters seem generally happy. Because what do girls ever have to be unhappy about?”

— “The Devil and the Doorknob,” 7×7


“There’s an animal outside my window.

It’s looking at me.”

— “Pulling Out,” Split Lip Magazine

          a clouda cloud

All feature photographs belong to K.C. Mead-Brewer*