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Literary Journals & Magazines

*A personal favorite from 7×7: “Horse” by Aapo Nikkanen and Siân Griffiths

*A personal favorite from FRiGG: “Summer’s Work” by Lydia Copeland Gwyn

*Anything written by Sy Montgomery, really. (Thank you, Orion!)

*A particular favorite from Threepenny: “The Herd” by Austin Smith

*Witch Craft‘s grimoires are also excellent.

*A particular favorite from decomP: “Climax or Cry” by xTx

*A particular favorite from Bat City Review: “Winifred, Not a Horse” by Nick Francis Potter

Resources for Writers (& Readers!)

The Review Review

There is No Secret to Writing About People Who Do Not Look Like You,” Brandon Taylor, Lit Hub

Dialogue-writing tips from Bartleby Snopes

Writing Down the Bones, Natalie Goldberg