Best of the Net Nominations 2017

It’s that time of year again! Time to find wonderful new stories and authors through online magazines’ Best of the Net nominations. Here are just a few to check out…

Cease, Cows


“My Sister’s Aquarium” by Jennifer Todhunter

Feather Boy” by Toni Marshall


“Perpetual Country (Blood)” by Jeff Whitney

“Two Years, Ablative” by Michael Fertik

“A Small Potato” by Brian Robert Flynn


Split Lip Magazine


House Rules” by Michele Finn Johnson

Downright” by Leesa Cross-Smith


After Reading Sharon Olds” by Diannely Antigua

When I Try to Explain Mental Illness” by Diannely Antigua

Marching Orders” by Gayle Brandeis

Pledging Allegiance to the Middle Finger” by Tom Hunley

What My Father Should Have Said” by Katelyn Delvaux

What My Mother Should Have Said” by Katelyn Delvaux

Creative Nonfiction

The Good Tenant” by Barry Maxwell

The Second One in Five Parts” by Kate Elizabeth Russell


The Adroit Journal


The Brother” by Maryse Meijer

We Gather Here” by Kimarlee Nguyen


Calling a Wolf a Wolf (Inpatient)” by Kaveh Akbar

Introduction to Quantum Theory” by Franny Choi

Wildlife” by William Evans

Meanwhile In America” by Christina Im

Asmar” by Charif Shanahan

Just Like That, A New Black Child is Born to Replace the Buried One” by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib

Creative Nonfiction

This House is Obvious” by Kayleb Rae Candrilli

Rural Appalachian Tour of Homes” by Lucas Church




Sarah Lee is Dead” by Matthew Lyons

Only the Sky Above and Below” by Jad Josey


Clickbait Article: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Being Decapitated” by Linette Reeman

Blood Like Summer” by Erin Marie Hall

Having a Gender Is Like Having a Boyfriend” by Nate Vaccaro

Crying as a Group Activity” by Logan February

r/etch” by Shannon Hearn

how to break a married woman” by Anu Mahadev

Creative Nonfiction

It’s a Man’s World” by Maureen Langloss

How to Be Queer in a Small, Southern Town” by Samuel J. Fox


Vestal Review


“In Its Entire Splendor” by Tara Isabel Zambrano

“The Short Story of Luis” by Thomas Sanfilip


L’Éphémère Review


A Dying Orchid” by Kwan Ann Tan

The Unwinding” by Helen Victoria Murray


Still Life as Indemnity” by Meggie Royer

Dec. 17th: Transitioning Part I” by Jamal Parker

The Bottom” by M. Wright

Suite 1700: Bloody Doves & Pomegranate Juice” by Ashley Loper

After the Man in the Cafe Who Said the Jewish People Really Found Out a Lot of Ways to Fuck Up a Fish” by Alain Ginsberg

Glutton” by Jasmine Cui

Creative Nonfiction

My Own Private El Paso” by Melissa Mesku

Ai, Rona” by Rona Wang