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A short story collection

A woman gives birth to an octopus; a girl and her grandmother set fire to a public park; a chronic masturbator falls in love with Isaac Newton’s ghost; and a young girl makes a dangerous trade with a refugee vampire bat. In each of Chameleons’s nineteen stories, there is an energetic brew of horror, humor, and magical realism that often gives genre boundaries a good hard shove.

Some exciting news for the collection: The story “The Feast” was named a finalist in Tethered by Letters’ F(r)iction Spring Short Story Contest.



The Fire Eaters

A novel

Set amid the rural pines of East Texas,The Fire Eaters is a work of dark, near-future science fiction and magical realism. After Dr. Rose Padilla and her wife Dr. Vivien Black suffer a miscarriage, they become determined to perfect the process of ectogenesis—to create the first human ever grown entirely external of a human body.

javelina - Copy

The Fire Eaters is a place notorious for its wilds, ghosts, and sharp-toothed javelinas.

Combining science fiction elements with horror, the supernatural, and a touch of mystery, The Fire Eaters is ultimately a story about mothers, women, and the shifting definitions of both.

An older version of the prologue has already been published by Used Gravitrons (Issue 18), a small excerpt will be published this August with Hobart, and the science behind the novel (i.e. ectogenesis) also inspired K.C.’s nonfiction article, “Brave New Worlds: Ectogenesis and the Future of Pregnancy,” with SQUAT Birth Journal (Issue 19).

The Science Behind the Novel

A pop-culture introduction

One Step Closer to 3-D-Printed Ovaries to Treat Infertility,” Rob Stein, NPR (2017)

The High-Tech Future of the Uterus,” Katherine Don, The Atlantic (2015)

The End of Pregnancy and the Inevitable Rise of the Artificial Womb,” Reihan Salam, Slate (2014)

Fetuses in Artificial Wombs: Medical Marvel or Misogynist Malpractice?” Paula Mejia, Newsweek (2014)