Exciting news! I’ve got a tiny horror story coming out in X-R-A-Y‘s upcoming Bone Yard issue with this absolute dream of a line-up. Check it out this October 25th!

Bone Yard line-up


I’ll be participating in this year’s THE POEMING: The Peril of Pike!

The spiel:

Every year in October, to celebrate the spooky season and found poetry, a giant squad of writers uses one genre novelist’s oeuvre to write found poems! Each poet works with one title from the author and posts their found poems to the group tumblr during October—one a day from each participant. This October we’ll be using novels by Christopher Pike to write weird new poems.

I was assigned the final book in Pike’s Remember Me trilogy: The Last Story. I must confess, I’ve never really written poetry before — I’ve always been a prose writer, even as a kid — and I’ve never read anything by Pike before, either. An October of firsts!

If you’d like to join in on THE POEMING and/or just read what weirdness comes of all this, check out these Tumblrs:

Main: https://thepoeming.tumblr.com/

My poeming page: https://kcmeadbrewer.tumblr.com/

the cover story


It’s my great pleasure and honor to announce that my story “The Hunted” has been nominated by Cincinnati Review for 2019’s Best of the Net anthology!



Best Small Fictions 2019 is officially available for preorder! It’s such an honor to have work included in this fabulous anthology alongside authors like Carmen Maria Machado, Christopher Gonzalez, Kristen Arnett, Chaya Bhuvaneswar, and Christine Schutt.

BSF cover reveal


It’s official! I’m now reading fiction submissions for the marvelous Cotton Xenomorph!

Send me your weirdos & your darlings. I’ll be reading them with a cup of tea.


I miss Barrelhouse Magazine’s #WriterCamp already! Such a tremendous honor getting to write and hang with these incredible authors and editors.

Writer Camp


Super excited to finally have my copy of Paper Darts Vol. 8, featuring my story “Things Overheard through a Wall” alongside so many fantastic stories and beautiful works of art.


I’m honored to announce that my story “The Joke” with matchbook has been selected for inclusion in 2019’s Best Small Fictions anthology. My story will be featured alongside the work of authors like Carmen Maria Machado, Amelia Gray, Kristen Arnett, Chaya Bhuvaneswar, and many others.

cloak drop

BSF header

And check out this gorgeous cover!

BSF cover reveal



I am thrilled to announce that I’ve now officially joined 7×7‘s editorial team! This ekphrastic collaboration magazine has lots of exciting changes going on this year and I’m honored to be part of the transition.

good news

Check out some of the magazine’s terrific stories right here. (I had the pleasure of playing 7×7’s collaborative game with artist Jenna Bao in the fall of 2017. Check out our story “The Devil and the Doorknob” right here.)


So excited & honored to be part of the latest issue of The McNeese Review! My short story “The Three Snake-Leaves” was one of the first I wrote while at Clarion and it’s such a thrill seeing it featured beside the work of powerhouses like poet Maggie Smith and fellow Clarion grad David Armstrong. Get an eyeful of this fabulous cover art:



Clarion 2018 graduates Daniela Tomova and Ashlee Lhamon performed fresh short fiction at the first-ever night of the Terran Lemons Reading Series (hosted by fellow Clarion grad Eliza Ruslander) at the Topos Bookstore Cafe in NYC. (photo courtesy of the marvelous Daniela and her Martin)

(from left to right) Daniela Tomova, Ashlee Lhamon, K.C. Mead-Brewer, Eliza Ruslander, Christian Opperman, and Nic Anstett



secretlives_logoThe marvelous Mr. Bear recently performed my short story “The Daddy-Thing” (Electric Literature) for her radio show Violet Hour Saloon/The Secret Lives of Stuffed Animals. Click here to give it a listen.


I’m so thrilled to announce that my story, “It’s Shaped Like a Grin, They Say” (CHEAP POP), has been selected for inclusion in the Best Micro Fiction 2019 anthology! Also, my story “The Hunted” has been nominated by The Cincinnati Review for 2019’s Best Small Fictions!



I am honored to announce that several of my stories have been nominated for awards this season:

  • CHEAP POP nominated my flash story “It’s Shaped Like a Grin, They Say” for inclusion in the Best Micro Fictions anthology.
  • matchbook nominated my flash story “The Joke” for both the Pushcart Prize and inclusion in the Best Small Fictions anthology.
  • Modern Language Studies nominated my short story “To Unweave a Rainbow” for the Pushcart Prize.

Oh yeah, and I’m also turning 30 this upcoming Monday! Time for cake!MLS nom


I’m so excited to announce that my flash story, “It’s Shaped Like a Grin, They Say,” has been nominated by CHEAP POP for Best Micro Fictions!

Check out the story here.




Don’t forget to check out the latest issue of Modern Language Studies, featuring my short story “To Unweave a Rainbow.” They haven’t updated their website yet, but the latest issue MAPS is now available. Also be on the lookout for the latest in their podcast series, The Sidebar, wherein Fiction Editor Patrick Henry interviews me about my writing process, magical realism, and flash fiction. As a bonus, I also perform a brief excerpt of my story.

cover artfirst sentence


A terrific reading this week, hosted by the generous Writers & Words at Baltimore’s own Charmington’s café. It was a true pleasure getting to share an excerpt of “Quietly Gigantic” with everyone!

For those who missed it, Writers & Words hosts a new reading of at least four authors on the second Tuesday of every month. It’s a terrific opportunity to hear local voices and meet other readers and writers.

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